Genco Gulan


gencoGenco Gulan is a multiple media contemporary conceptual artist, who defines his practices in painting, sculpture, performance and new media as idea art.

Gulan got prizes from BP 1993, New School 2000, EMAF 2005, Sovereign European Art Prize 2011 and Ege Art in 2015.

His works are presented in museums such as; Centre Pompidou Paris, Pera, ZKM, MAM Rio de Janeiro and La Triennale di Milano. He participated to festivals such as; Steirishes Herbst, Ars Electronica, Mediaterra, prog-me, Balkan Art Novi Sad, Roaming Tahran and Bonn Biennales. His performances are presented at Istanbul Theatre, PAP Tel Aviv, Wunderbar New Castle, Fringe New York, Moving Silence Athens and Accente Festival Duisbug.

He is in collections such as at the New Museum, Istanbul Modern, Elgiz, Baksı, Museum Oswald, Davis Museum, and State Museum of Contemporary Art, Thessaloniki. His works listed in required reading lists at; City University, Rice University and U.C. Santa Barbara. Gulan gave conferences at Yale, School of Visual Arts, Köln, Bilgi, NYIT and Incheon University. Genco Gulan was in the Advisory Board of Balkan Biennial Cosmopolis and in the International Programming Committee of ISEA Singapore. He is the founder of the Web Biennial. Currently he teaches at Mimar Sinan Academy and Bogazici University.