Project Description

A collaboration between Fabian Chiquet & AyşeDeniz Gökçin.

Dates: 5th & 6th of October 2015

Times: 7 pm- 10 pm on the 5th of October & 6th of October 2015

Location: LimeWharf, Vynerstreet, Hackney, London E2 9DJ

Artists: Fabian Chiquet & AyşeDeniz Gökçin

Curated by: Huma Kabakcı

Directed by: Elizabeth Yardeni


In the fall of 2015, during his tour the artist and musician Fabian Chiquet, in collaboration with Ayse Deniz Gökçin, realized a musical and performative installation addressing the helplessness of the individual facing global armed clashes.

“The Wedding Party Massacre” took the form of a driving physical performance that invites the audience to get lost in an energy-charged audio- visual world, within a journey through our contemporary fears.

This performance consisted of both Chiquet’s and Gökçin’s re-interpretation of the original ballet to a libretto by Jean Cocteau, choreographed by Irene Lagut, costumes by Jean Hugo and music by five members of Les Six- Auric, Honegger, Milhaud, Poulenc, Tailleferre.
This project was a continuation of Chiquet’s last mise-en-scène entitled “Parade”, and refers, like the latter did, to an idea of Jean Cocteau. In his last piece “Parade” – an interpretation to the ballet from Cocteau/Picasso/ Satie (1917), Chiquet examined their situation in these times, how they were dealing with the presence of war in relation to how the media deals with it now.

For this particular performance, which Chiquet re-interpreted the original composition of “The Wedding Party Massacre” by rapping and re-composing, and Gökçin took a classical approach on re-composing the re-interpreted piece on the piano.